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What to do when your child doesn’t make the team?

Hockey Team

Selection, especially when it is in the context of team sports, is likely one of the thorns in your side as a sports parent. The selection process is fraught with emotions for both athlete and parent. Making this worse is the continuous reports of unfair selection procedures or favouritism occurring in many sports and across […]

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My child is not in the team

Netball Team

The age old issue of selection to school sports teams is something that I believe will be around forever. But why? “Why”is the golden word, why do parents take selection of their children so seriously? Why do parents believe they have knowledge superior to that of the coach placed in charge? I want to dwell […]

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Understanding Scheuermann’s Disease


This is the last in our series of articles on osteochondroses.  There is a group of conditions that affect bones in the growing child called osteochondroses. Due to a number of reasons including altered blood supply, the bone becomes soft and may become deformed. After a few years, the bone will harden again, in its […]

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