Are you a responsible parent? A walk-through on kids sports insurance

Encouraging our kids to engage more in sports to be more physically active is one of the major challenges of parenthood. More and more parents are trying to fight the increasing level of childhood obesity in the USA and around the world which has doubled for the past 30 years. While we push our kids to be more active in sporty activities, there are also an increasing number of sports injuries especially to kids as reflected by the study conducted by Safe Kids Worldwide in 2012. In summary in the USA, there are at least 1.35 million kids ages 6-19, who were rushed to emergency rooms in 2012 due to sport related injuries. While our intention to help our kids live a healthier life is noble, do we provide them enough support in their sporting activity? Maybe it’s about time that we also provide them with proper insurance coverage and knowledge to keep themselves safer while playing.

Sports activities offer so many benefits for children especially in the aspect of their social life. While we should encourage this in our children’s life, we have to be aware that we need to provide them with proper guidance in staying safe and the security that if an accident should occur; they would be taken care of financially through sport insurance coverage.

Facing this type of emergency in our life may be quite challenging and may take so much of our energy. This is why it’s important that we have the right coverage for our children for any sports related injury so we wouldn’t be bothered by any financial related aspect of this problem. Let the insurance coverage take care of the bill and focus on taking care and supporting your child’s speedy recovery.

How do I get started with kids sports insurance?

Firstly, you have to check the coverage that you have in your present policy. Inquire to your agent if you still need to settle another policy for this type of insurance. Ask as much as you can so you would know the options that you would have. There are different coverage that would suit your kids depending on the level of their specific sport.

Clarify if your kids are covered under your current plan

If you are not so familiar with the current insurance plan that you have, clarify with your agent if your kids are covered in case they would be injured in a sport related activity. Ask them if there are limitations on the type of sports which are covered. Is the coverage limited only to certain type of sport? Do you need to reach a certain amount of hospital bill for the coverage to be activated? Clarify everything about payment and conditions of the insurance. You don’t want ask about this while your kid is in the hospital.

Coverage while traveling or in a tournament

There are times that your kids have to travel for a tournament or to train in a specific location. You have to ask your agent if this type of incident is not excluded from your coverage. Asking about international travel and insurance coverage outside the country should be another concern that you need to settle.

School Insurance

You may also inquire to the school of your kids if they have insurance coverage for your kids in case of sport related injury. This will help you in getting as much help that you may need in times of emergency. There are schools which offer sports insurance to their students.

Being a parent is one of the toughest jobs that we will ever know. Knowing that your kids are healthy, actively participating in sports, and other social activities are just some of the rewards of being a parent. As we help them grow, we should make them feel the level of security that they are free to discover this world and they will be taken care of in times of their need.

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