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Positive Sport Parent

Positive Sport Parent (PSP) is education and information organisation dedicated to empowering parents to encourage and inspire their children to achieve their full potential through positive sporting experiences. By being part of the PSP family, parents will gain awareness, understanding, guidance, knowledge and education that will better equip them to offer positive support to their children in their sporting endeavours. It will empower them to co-create a balanced and positive sporting experience with their children by being fully aware of all the factors at play, ensuring long term growth and development in sport and life, as well as the opportunity to become competitive sports people or active for life.
Sporting heroes engender achievement, success, inspiration and passion and the ability to unite a nation. But, have you ever considered the effort and commitment that these heroes invest in reaching great heights, as well as the support, encouragement and inspiration that is provided by their parents. In many instances this commitment commences at a young age and continues throughout the athletes’ teenage years. On the other hand, many of these athletes (up to 70% in some instances) drop out of sport and more importantly any form of physical activity during the ages 13 – 18. Don’t let your son or daughter become a statistic. Invest in Positive Sport Parent today!

It is well recognised that parents are both important and influential role models in their children’s development, both on and off the field. This parental role has evolved over time particularly with the increased emphasis on professional sport, the unifying nature of sport, the vast variety of sporting activities now available, and the recognition that a long-term physically active lifestyle is beneficial to both the individual and the health of the nation. But, how do you best serve, encourage and inspire your child?
Let PSP equip, you, the parents of our future sporting talent to encourage and inspire your sons and daughters as they reach for and achieve their dreams.

How will we do this?

We have engaged the most respected minds in the sporting environment to contribute to the success of PSP. All our contributors have been accredited by the Sports Science Institute of South Africa and all content has been approved by the PSP Editorial Board. You can share their knowledge by subscribing to PSP today and gain access to:

  • An inspiring, innovative website
  • A free monthly newsletter
  • Regular information sessions in your region
  • Interactive, encouraging presentations tailored to the need of your sport, club, school or community
  • Access to consultations with accredited service providers in your region
  • Answers for all your questions
  • A free e-book

What’s in it for you?

You will gain enhanced knowledge on how to encourage and inspire your sporting children in a positive manner across the following key areas of the sporting environment:

  • Sports Science: e.g. .How do I know if my child is over-training?
  • Performance-enhancing Substances: e.g. Should my rugby playing son be taking supplements on a regular basis? Is it safe to do so?
  • Medical Aspects: e.g. My child is on Ritalin, what does this mean for his/her participation in sport?
  • Injuries: e.g. My 10 year old daughter, a gymnast, constantly gets injured – how do we prevent this?
  • Psychology: e.g. My 13 year old daughter experiences extreme nausea prior to a swimming race. How can I reduce her anxiety?
  • Socio-Cultural: e.g. How do I explain to my 14 year old child that he wasn’t selected for the team because he has a specific skin colour?
  • Sustenance: e.g. My 17 year old daughter is so driven to success that she trains 4 hours a day, 365 days a year? Surely she needs to a rest period at some time during the year.
  • Administration: e.g. How are sports federations structured?
  • Disability and Inclusivity: e.g. My daughter lost her arm in an accident; can she still compete on the international stage?
  • Life Skills: e.g. How do I encourage my son, a talented sprinter, to focus on his education as well?
  • Choosing an Appropriate Support Team: e.g. How do I choose the best coach for my child?

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