Athlete Rights and Responsibilities during the Doping Control Process

You have the right to:

· have a representative and, if available, an interpreter

· ask for additional information about the sample collection process

· request a delay in reporting to the doping control station for valid reasons (as determined by your DCO)

· if you are an athlete with a disability, to request modifications to the sample collection procedure.

You have a responsibility to:

· remain within direct observation of the DCO/chaperone at all times from the point of notification until the completion of the sample collection process

· produce appropriate identification

· comply with sample (blood or urine) collection procedures (failure to do so may constitute an anti-doping rule violation)

· report immediately for doping control, unless there are compelling reasons for a delay (such as a medal ceremony, attend a press conference, you require medical treatment, you would like to warm down).

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