Sports injuries that occur primarily in children and adolescents


Injury Definition Mechanism Common sites Sports
Injuries to growth plates A growth plate is an area in developing tissue at the ends of the long bones where growth takes place in children and adolescents. Acute injury due to impact Any long bone in the body Sports in which high impact is possible for example contact sports .
Apophysitis (inflammation of the apophysis) Apophysis is a part of the skeleton that constitutes the attachments of tendons, ligaments or muscles. Overuse injury Knee cap tendon that attaches to the lower leg bone (tibia) – Osgood-Schlatter’s disease

Achilles tendon that attaches to the heel (calcaneus) – sever’s disease

Sports that require a great deal of jumping and bending of the knees such as soccer, long jump, and high jump
Greenstick fracture or break A greenstick fracture is an incomplete break in a bone. The name is derived from the similarity of such fractures to the break in a green twig taken from a tree. Acute injury Any long bone in the body e.g. radius and ulna which are the bones of the forearm
Osteochondrosis (articular cartilage and bone that has been damaged breaks away and can become free, moving inside the joint) Articular cartilage is found at the end of bones in joints and allows smooth movement. Unknown Hip (head of long bone of the upper leg) – Perthes’ disease Not applicable


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